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Minecraft PE - Pocket Edition 0.14.0 Build 4


Game that is loved by many is in the stage of beta testing new versions. Each new release gets rid of the bugs that were noticed by the developers or the players. Therefore, an important role in stabilizing the operation of the game play of players that contribute to the elimination of bugs. Thanks to this version 0.14.0 Minecraft PE Build 4 should be more nuanced. Due to the large number of errors seen by users in the application, implementation of new features in the builds so far is not envisaged. So 0.14.0 Minecraft Pocket Edition Build 4 probably will not get blocks that are so long waiting for the mobile version all players, namely the pistons. Promised the appearance of these fixtures in the release version of the game. Meanwhile, in MCPE 0.14.0 Android build 4 regular pistons and sticky pistons are unlikely. But before their appearance, there is very little.

Mojang and again pleases us with a new build of MCPE 0.14.0, which fixes many bugs!

  • Double ferns now spawned in cold biomes around the world!
  • Boats now appear where the player tapol
  • Creeper explode stronger and more consistent in strength
  • Increase the diversity of occupations of residents in the villages
  • Updated localization for certain languages
  • Zombies no longer receive damage from potion poisoning

    Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash when rejoining the world when the game was stopped
  • Fixed a crash when placing a frame over the chest
  • Button Android system no longer appear in the game
  • Fixed various issues in synchronization
  • Boats no longer collide with the player if he stopped his boat
  • Fixed lighting funnel
  • Mobs are now normal walking on the pavement
  • The items placed in the frame did not retain the position, where they turned
  • Fixed the sounds at the red Sandstone
  • Wall created from cobblestone now 100% devoid of small pink textures
  • Removed extra-small black pixels on the objects
  • Creeper won't explode if a player was standing below the creeper
  • Now you can feed the children ocelots
  • At the door, operating from a network of Redstone now have power after the reset circuit
  • Fixed the language selection screen
  • Fixed double trap
  • Card to part no more flicker when looking at them from afar

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