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Minecraft PE - Pocket Edition 0.14.0 Build 5


Minecraft PE - Pocket Edition 0.14.0 - this is the best update for Android phone and tablet. Came more than 4 build but the developers still added gradually innovation, change the balance, fix bugs and errors. Two weeks done tremendous work on the apk app, you are sure to feel comfortable in this very strange world of magic.
As for adding new blocks, items, weapons, tools and mobs, we have to disappoint, as the developers have already added the entire list of scheduled.

I want to remind that more recently designed the mod carrying most of the features from Windows Phone to Android. By installing it, your mobile interface is instantly transformed into a computer - a more familiar and practical.

We also propose you to occupy free time between the release of builds by browsing our directory of mods, maps and textures.

Changes in build 5:
  • Changed the algorithm of generating giant mushrooms. Now, they no longer will be generated in the water around indoor scaffolding.
  • The inventories of the extractors, hoppers and dispensers are now more consistent with other inventories.
  • Optimized download speed environment.
  • Added skinpack "journey to the West!"
  • If you destroy snow with a shovel, then there will be snowballs.

    Bug fixes:

  • Hopper working again
  • Now the player can be removed from the scope of the subject in survival, not destroying it
  • The spawn of one boat no longer creates a second
  • After the destruction of one boat, not removed
  • Fixed a lot of sprites that were not vidni in the Third person
  • Fixed black artifacts in flat worlds
  • The client's position after exiting the game is now normally stored
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect placement of the rail
  • Fixed strange behavior of char
  • Fixed the burnout of a Redstone
  • Removed strange artifacts fences
  • The items in the box, after removing them from the frame no longer duplicated
  • Customers no longer disappears dynamite

  • Which of the features in this update did you like the most?
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    06 Feb 2016
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