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Minecraft PE - Pocket Edition 0.14.0 Build 6


It seems that Minecraft PE 0.14.0 Build 6 will be the final Assembly and finish beta testing the new Minecraft PE 0.14.0. It Seems that in 0.14.0 Minecraft PE Build 6 the developers have made a couple of new features that carry some benefits, hotfix just a bit, so our only remains to wait for official confirmation that the Minecraft PE 0.14.0 release is not far off, and perhaps we will announce the exact release date of the game, that hardly.

MCPE release 0.14.0 will take place next week because, as usual, Google Play will not check in the new version of MCPE and we will have to wait through the weekend ... but we (developers: mojang and google play) there is still time ... But for now let's test the new guy 0.14.0 mcpe build 6!

The main changes


  • When switching from Creative mode to Survival items in inventory are saved.
  • In the Creative mode inventory added potion of weakness.

    Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash with Redstone in multiplayer.
  • Fixed bug with picking up items.
  • Fixed a slight delay during boot of the world.
  • Items will not be duplicated in the two slots of the inventory after switching to Creative mode.
  • Fixed the disappearing of the face of the player, when the pressure plate after you put the leaves and grass.
  • Now on the map in multiplayer, players are displayed in a green cursor.

  • Which of the features in this update did you like the most?
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    10 Feb 2016
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