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Village with a blacksmith on island Seed For Minecraft PE 1.16.101, 1.16.40


This seed light is famous for its countryside — it is an island in the middle of the ocean, and the island village with a blacksmith. Acute is somewhere in the middle of the ocean. From the island you will not be able to see the mainland nearby because they are not! The island has a green cover, and therefore the island can be inhabited by pigs, sheep and other animals. Also on the island there are trees, so you can multiply if you cares for him. In fact – this is a great island for survival.

The island was divided into several parts: two main that connect the village, and several small parts. The island has a few houses, a blacksmith, — and it means that you can find something in the trunk of a blacksmith. It's still a great place to start your survival world in Minecraft Pocket Edition!

As mentioned above, you can find a blacksmith. Usually blacksmiths are hidden treasures, and the blacksmith is no different. In the chest the blacksmith you can find the following list of elements:
  • 2 iron leggings
  • 6 loaves of bread
  • 2 iron ingot
  • 2 apples
  • 1 emerald

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  • 24 Jul 2016
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