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Minecraft PE Island Seeds

Rare Ocean Village Minecraft PE Seed
You will appear in the middle of a small village, which is modestly located in a small area in the form of Islands. In this seed you will be able to find a small village with a few houses.

This seed will become a great place where you can test your creative skills. Seed generates a city that is partially flooded and partially located on the coast in the rock.

Huge village will generated in such a way that it resembles a large Fort or a mighty castle in Minecraft PE. All the buildings surrounded by water is an additional level of protection from the monsters.

MCPE seed which contains a very interesting island. The size of it a lot more than that to survive. To Minecraft PE players on large Islands can hold for a long time. The main purpose of this island is a metered space, which for some is the highlight.

Here is one of the most popular seeds for MCPE. There you will find 2 other Islands that are designed for survival. Resources for them are different. The first island is designed more for beginners, and the second island is the most hardcore that you can find on the Internet.

In this seed you will find a small island on which is situated a village with a blacksmith. In Minecraft PE this phenomenon to see quite difficult, but if you find, this area can still live a long time. This island village is perfect for survival and other things.

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