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Three villages together Seed For Minecraft PE 1.0.4, 1.0.3, 1.0.2
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This seed generates three villages of mahogany next to the spawn. Inside the village has two blacksmiths with bonus. A phenomenal start for any player. Great streets, which resemble a small city. Led is designed for the version Minecraft PE 0.15+.

When your world is loading Your will see the following:

I think You have already noticed the village in this screenshot. Just need to go straight from spawn.

Now about blacksmiths. Here are the contents of the first:
  • Iron helmet
  • Apple (2pcs)
  • A bottle of ink (9 pieces)
  • Bread (3pcs)
  • Gold horse armor

    The contents of the second:
    Iron boots
    A bottle of ink (12pcs)
    Gold horse armor

    Since it is three villages in one, then in it there are small shoals:

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