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Neighbouring Villages Minecraft Seed, 1.8,

Neighbouring Villages Minecraft Seed
You can find two villages in this seed. A village should not be difficult to find, since you will initially spawn in it. Nearby offers long and wide cave with many resources required for pumping. As for the second village, you need to find it. For this you will have to go towards the clumps of pumpkin and go straight ahead right up to a small canyon. After him, on the mountain, you will find a great place - the second village. It is located at a rather unusual site. Local residents say that they chose this area to avoid threats from angry mobs and wild animals. Of course, the world of Minecraft never ceases to amaze,and in this seed, you will find a little surprise on the horizon, "mountain village", perhaps it will be your new neighbours.

Neighbouring Villages Minecraft Seed
Neighbouring Villages Minecraft Seed
Neighbouring Villages Minecraft Seed

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24 Sep 2017
Added by: Satanica | Views: 2225 | Tags: Minecraft PE Mountains Seeds, Minecraft PE Village Seeds

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