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Tallest Church Seed For Minecraft PE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


We passed by the highest of Church that we have ever seen in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The Church was fully automatically generated — the height of this Church is 31 blocks, and is a lot. The villagers in this village must be very religious if they build such an ambitious Church, or maybe they're just trying to impress a nearby village with their building skills.

Place the spawn is at the base of the mountain. Go straight and climb the hill of the mountain, and soon you will see on the left side of the village.

First make sure way to Church, and then the path down the centre of the village.

The village has a very small size. Besides, it has no blacksmith. With seed you can only take one positive plus to see this huge Church!

Farmers work hard every day to improve their magnificent Church. In the screenshot below we can see a farmer who has been working on improvement of the Church. (Yes, I think you noticed that this image is slightly edited..



25 Jun 2016
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