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» » Two villages, Fortress, Mine on the spawn for MCPE

Two villages, Fortress, Mine on the spawn for MCPE 1.2.16, 1.2.13, 1.2.11

2015-11-08, 12:10:45
Rating: 1.8/4

A great seed for those who want to play normally in survival mode. You appear in the village, and next is another one from the sand! There is a small bug, in the village is almost no people and animals, but carrots and potatoes in the hotbeds. If you collect all the chests from both villages, you will have a complete set of armor of steel. Walking around, you can find animal, including the sheep to make a bed.
Furnace and a workbench already there in the village, in different houses, that will give you a significant advantage in the game in the beginning.

village pls

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