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Minecraft PE Mineshaft Seeds

Deep Mine With Diamonds MCPE Seed
Deep Mine With Diamonds is one of the most interesting seeds for Minecraft PE. Here You can find a cave that is near Your spawn, just a couple blocks to the right of You.

Building materials such as iron ore, gold, diamonds is very important in Minecraft, they are the material to make the tool in the beginning. In this seed you will be able to find them without having to spend too much time and effort into their search.

Minecraft PE Seed with a lot of functional village. The village itself is built of Sandstone and nestled away in the wilderness. But it's not a problem, as it has a blacksmith and not far mineshaft, where you will be able to get some resources to strengthen the walls of the village...

This seed generates the entrance to the mine near the spawn. In it you can find a variety of adventures, because to be in the role of the miner is the main feature of Minecraft PE. Generation of mine was in such a way that it has many different sections which can serve as a small b...

Bugs in Minecraft PE are rare. Just one year ago you could find them at almost every turn. But Mojang are working hard on them. We have prepared for you fresh-found a bug, but rather a seed, where there was the generation of the mine on the surface.

Repeatedly Minecraft PE players faced with the challenge of finding Spawner spiders. This seed will allow you to quickly find such spawner in the cave. In addition there can be found another 2 chests, containing books for enchanting armor and weapons, as well as a huge amount of ro...

Seed for Minecraft PE where you can easily find enough diamond and gold ores, which will undoubtedly help you in the beginning of the game, and most importantly they are very easy to find and it won't take you much time.

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