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The Farlanders PE Mod For Minecraft 1.9, 1.8, 1.7 iOS, Android


Thanks to this mod in the world of Minecraft PE will be another 10 different kinds of Endermens. The Farlanders mod adds in Minecraft PE Pocket Edition new magic wand, new mobs, armor and ore. Modification of The Farlanders PE will increase interest in the game because you will have the opportunity to explore the new structure, which will be generated worldwide MCPE. The mod allows you to tame Endermens, and use them as minions.

Ender structures will be generated randomly for all the world Minecraft Pocket Edition. As a rule, they are generated not far from the location of the player. Some of the structures have some value — the treasure chests.

In the world of MCPE will be added another type of ore — Endumium. To find ore You will need a Wand Ore (id - 489). Then locate this block of stone and hit him with a stick. Then you have 12.5% chance that after the interaction you will receive Endumium ore. Go down into the mine and find the ore!

Currently crafting recipe to obtain Endumium Gems (id - 490) no. I hope that in a future update of the crafting recipes will be added.

Endumium Gems (id - 490) can be used to tame EnderMinions. Switch to "steal", then click on EnderMinion gem ("Gems Endumium"). Currently there is no way of taming these mobs. They will not do anything for you.

Armor sets
Armor set "Night Fall" can only be obtained using the inventory of creative mode or using the mod X Commands.

  • Night Fall helmet (id - 495)
  • Night Fall bib (id - 496)
  • Night Fall pants (id - 497)
  • Night Fall boots (id - 499)

    When you wear this set of armor, you will have the following effects: Speed, Jump Boost, Regeneration, Night Vision.

    Weapon & Magic wand
    Mod adds a sword and a huge set of sticks that you can use with armor.

  • Wand Regeneration (id - 494) – adds 40 seconds of regeneration.
  • Wand of Invisibility (id 493) – adds 50 seconds of invisibility.
  • Wand Ore (id - 489) – click on a stone block, you will have a 12.5% chance that you will turn in Endumium ore.
  • Thunder Wand (id - 1702) – click on the ground to cause thunder and lightning in the place where you clicked.
  • Wand of Teleport (id - 1703) – long press on the ground, to cause thunder and lightning to where she landed.
  • Mystic Wand (id - 511) is a Mystic drop from the Enderman. Currently does nothing (future functions: shoot magic blasts or something like that).
  • Night Fall Sword (id 507) – adds +40 damage to the attack.

    Also in the modification, there are new types of mobs. Unfortunately, at the moment none of these mobs cannot be spawned in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition on their own. However, you can get the eggs to spawn these mobs in the inventory of creative mode or using the mod X Commands.

    ID's items:
  • Fanender Man Egg (id - 1700)
  • EnderMinion Egg (id - 500)
  • Mystic Enderman Egg (id - 501)
  • RebelFarlander Egg (id - 502)
  • Mystic Enderminion Egg (id - 503)
  • Ender Golem Egg (id - 510)
  • Elder Egg (id - 505)
  • Titan Egg (id - 504)
  • Ender Guardian Egg (id - 508)
  • Farlander Egg id - 506)
  • Wanderer Egg (id - 509)

    Other items
  • Titan Hide (id 492)
  • Ender Horn (id - 491)
  • Ore Endiumium (id - 200)
  • Block Endumium (id - 201)

    Install The Farlanders PE mod:
  • Download a mod (extension: .modpkg).
  • Start BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Click on the wrench key.
  • Go to "ModPE Script".
  • Enable mods and click "Add".
  • Now you need to find the downloaded mod in the file system of your device and click on it.
  • The mod has an extension of .modpkg. Textures will be automatically installed!
  • Mod and texture installed, enjoy the game!

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