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SinglePlayer Economy Mod for Minecraft PE 1.8, 1.7


Mod SinglePlayer Economy — this modification adds in Minecraft PE economic system. To mod will allow you to choose one of the task, for which performance you will get money. The money can be used to purchase items and starter kits (whale).

At the moment the functionality is very simple fashion, but as we can see here, everything is done at the highest level. Therefore, we can assume that in future updates fashion we will see even more different functions.

Click on the "Economy Menu", which is in the upper right corner of the screen to open the menu of the economy. In the opened menu you can choose the shop and job vacancies.

Let's start with the inspection available jobs. Click on one of the favorite jobs to get the job done.

  • Miner: as a miner, you earn a living of mining blocks.
  • Cleaver: since you are a lumberjack, then the money you will earn felling of trees.

We decided to get a job as a lumberjack. After long work, we have collected enough money to buy something yourself.

Open the menu of the economy — "Economy Menu", and go to the store. Currently the store has only a few things you can buy. But we hope that in the future, of things to buy will be much more. In our example, I bought the diamonds.

You can leave your job at any time convenient for you, and go for a new job. In a text chat type the command /help to get help.

Install mod SinglePlayer Economy:
  • Download a mod.
  • Start BlockLauncher Pro.
  • Click on the wrench key.
  • Go to "ModPE Script".
  • Enable mods and click "Add".
  • Now you need to find the downloaded mod in the file system of your device and click on it.
  • Mod installed, enjoy the game!

  • 30 May 2016
    Added by: Satanica | Views: 7495 | Tags: Mech & Tech Mods - Addons MCPE, JS - ZIP Block Launcher Mods MCPE

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