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Wither in Minecraft PE


In this guide I will describe for You such a new boss, as Wither in Minecraft PE. This is the first boss added to MCPE.

Wither applies to the Bosses(Bosses, mobs, distinct tactics of battle, amount of health, attack damage, immunity to some effects).

Wither - first Boss added to Minecraft PE in version 0.16.0. Has 300 hp (150 hearts), awesome attack power with the additional effect of dehydration. Called by the player itself with the help of some blocks (see below). From Wither in the murder of a star falls out of the Lower world.

The blocks you want to spawn:
  • Sand shower (4pcs)
  • Skull Skeleton-Wither (3pcs)

    One of the heads should be placed in the least:

    Wither attacks a player Wither skulls of the two species: black and blue. When hit the player inflicts dehydration, which stains the health of the player in black. Black shells similar to the shells Ghast's damage from the attack, but not reflect. Blue shells are slower, fly in a random direction, but much stronger damage.

    Wither's hostile to all living creatures, excluding undead. Speaking about the effect of Desiccation II, you need to remember that when this effect hangs on the player, Wither restores your health, so, choosing allies, think well if You need it. After losing half health, Wither becomes a barrier that gives him immunity from arrows. He is immune to potion poisoning, weakness and slow.

    And in the end, a few facts:
  • Wither does not take off when it begins to fall into the void (drop with it is lost).
  • If you set fire to Wither , will burn only the Central part of the body (i.e. the part under the middle head). The pillar of fire will have a height of about 4 blocks.
  • Wither can cause damage to itself by attacking a skull too close.

  • 25 Sep 2016
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