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How to make Fireworks in Minecraft PE?


Rocket (fireworks) a relatively new addition to Minecraft PE games, the player carries pleasant emotions and do not have important tasks and functions. It is, like most items in a workbench, using different number of base materials.

Ingredients for fireworks:

  • Gunpowder (3 units). Looking for him in the Treasury or by the battle with the witch, creeps and Gast. Note, the more gunpowder, the more powerful fireworks. The higher he can rise.
  • Asterisk (1 — 7 units). Ingredient complex because the workbench is done. Its components, gunpowder, dyes and modifiers.
  • Paper (3 units). Make paper from sticks of cane growing near water.

Instruction in the workbench
Having collected all the material list, the user needs to open the workbench and to load all the extracted ingredients. So, in the first row have 3 colored stars. Then, the second sprocket and the paper, with the last cell of a row is blank. The third powder. It filled only the middle cell. As a result, ready simple fireworks.

Interesting to know:

  • Rocket (fireworks) can fly through the portal of the Lower world.
  • The missiles don't create noise.
  • Can be simple or complex.
  • Is safe and does not cause harm.

18 Dec 2016
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