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What can you make Stone in Minecraft PE?


All users playing the game from the first minute of starting the application, may make a useful device and the device with a rock. Quite durable structure allows manufacturing from it a stone pressure plate (you need two blocks of stone) and a comparator (take quartz, a torch and a block of stone). And stone button (need only 1 block of stone), stone plate (take 3 units of stone), stone brick (take four blocks of stone) and a funnel. In the game there are three types of rocks — andesite, granite and diorite.

Where to get the ingredients for such a useful material?
Recipe of the stone block, simply put a stone, simple. For crafting you need to collect two ingredients coal and cobblestone. First mined in the coal mine, the second is made with the connection of lava and water. Of course, it is possible to find deposits of rock in the mountains, along the way, taking the artifacts with treasures or finish a stone surface. It markedly between grass and mycelium. Another method of quarrying is magic. Bewitch pickaxe spell "Silk touch" can be a simple way to get the desired amount of material.

The versatility of the stone that breaking it with a pickaxe to get cobblestone. And if you have cobblestone and furnaces back a block of stone.

27 Nov 2016
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