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Slime in Minecraft PE


This guide was created for players who want to know everything about the mobs. Here I will tell You about the Slimes in Minecraft PE.

Slime refers to hostile mobs(Attacking player, even if he appeared in the zone of their visibility).

The slime is a hostile mob, the name can be of three sizes, when murder is divided until the minimum size. This mob drops slime needed for crafting sticky piston, lava, or cream. Quite difficult to find, but there are certain ways, which are below.

If you spawn the next 5 Slimes, then they will move together, which is typical for Magma Cube.

Large Slimes required is 3х3х3 cell block to spawn, medium - 3х3х2, small - 1х1х2. The greatest likelihood of Slimes in rooms 3 blocks high. But only certain areas (chunks) are able to summon the Slime, which is about 10% of the game area. Slimes never spawned next to the player, and never spawned too far away from player spawn area from 24 to 128 blocks in radius). Basically should look for them in the swamp biome.

11 Sep 2016
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