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How to use and make a sponge in Minecraft PE


The possibility of terraforming for Minecraft PE players almost bezgranichnie. To build a flying island, to make a house under water, to make a plain instead of a mountain, drain a lake, plant trees and make a garden – the possibilities are and not limited to this. But in order to "terraform" the world in Minecraft, you need to have good tools.

The sponge was in the game since the version Classic. Her ability, as you can already guess is to absorb water. When installed, the sponge will pick up the water at a distance of 7 blocks. When this sponge will change color (become darker). To dry, put the sponge in the furnace after the coal is burned, it will be dry.

Craft sponge in the game will not work. The developers have not brought the recipes for crafting this element. However, it can be found in underwater fortresses – there may zastavnitsky bathroom from jaws. The characteristic yellow color will help to find the bathroom quickly. Experienced players, having discovered it, take all the "harvest" of sponges. On larger servers, a sponge because of its non uniqueness can be used as game currency.


09 Dec 2015
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