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How to make potions in Minecraft?


You first need to find the ingredients for making potions in Minecraft PE. Some players questioned the players potions or take out their own creativity. So let's go! I wanted to make a potion of strength. What do I need? Hell of a build-up, fire powder, light dust or redston (it increases).
Take the potion with water and put it in the cooking rack (Not to throw out there X3). Put on a hell of a knot from hell and waiting when you made the awkward potion. Then put the fiery powder and wait. And oops! Turned out the potion of power! But that's not all! To increase strength, you need a light dust for this case. But I chose Redstone to increase the time. To make an explosive potion, then put the powder and you get an explosive potion force for multiplayer (If you throw on an enemy mob it will also be stronger and possibly kill you).

The first screen is where it says Posion Water.
The first screen is where Water Bottle.
The second one is where I threw a hell of a knot. Third, I threw a fiery powder. I think then everything is clear...

06 Dec 2015
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