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How to make obsidian in Minecraft PE?


When you need to build a strong building in the world Minecraft PE nothing can replace the user of such material as obsidian. Strong stone in reality, the game's black durable unit is simply indispensable in the construction of buildings and machinery. Mining is possible in several modes and they are called Adventure and Survival. I wonder how much that would be harmful mobs tried to affect the structure of the obsidian, he fears neither the explosions nor the heavy blows. Use the same unit for purpose is possible only in Creative mode.

Where to look?
Just lying to myself obsidian to find complicated. You can, of course, to search the chests in the village where he is though rare but it occurs and it is possible to do yourself. For this you need to go deep, and find a place where the currents of the source of lava and water. To mine obsidian takes skill, because if you incorrectly do the procedure connection get normal stone (cobblestone), not differing by any value, no strength.

Recipe production
The player needs to bring a diamond pickaxe. With her production of the rock will be much more effective — just 10 seconds, without having a tool, a procedure will take 250 seconds. Find the source of the lava (not to be confused with regular lava). As a rule, the lava lake, and connect it to the water. For greater certainty and the safety net, cover block produced water. Thus, the user will eliminate the possibility of loss of the obsidian block.

Another way to get obsidian is to follow him to the Edge, where almost all the buildings and towers are made of black blocks. And, you can make a generator for the production of obsidian. Which of the alternatives mining is easier and more interesting to solve, of course, the player.

07 Dec 2016
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