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How to make a torch in Minecraft PE?


When you search for underground resources a player can't remember all the transitions and bifurcation caverns. Often, getting further and further away, you can forget what road leads back to the surface. Then you can use the two options – to do the mine to the surface and look for a place to spawn or make a compass and readings to dig a tunnel to the house.

Not to be left alone in the caves to protect your home, mine or farm from enemy mobs spawn to light up the tower and to use it in campaigns far from home – anywhere you need a torch.

Craft torch can be made in the inventory window, as this action only requires coal and a stick. To put the vertical stick, and over it the coal – you will get four torches. For going underground need 3-4 stacks. Experienced players use the torch not only for lighting, but also as a guiding thread. They set the torch to the left all the time. Then you will need to go back, following the lights on the right hand. This use very effectively and helps not only to save but also to carefully explore the cave.


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12 Dec 2015
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