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How to make a stone pickaxe in Minecraft PE?


Kirk's quite a useful thing, which is if the user is lucky, one can get in the trunk. Such happiness in Minecraft infrequent, so when constantly engaged in the search for resources needs to think about appropriate tools. Thus, when mining in the mine, lapis lazuli, coal, iron, quartz ore is an indispensable tool will be a stone pickaxe. Made of cobblestone, it has a measure of the strength of 132 units, which makes it an order of magnitude above wooden picks.

The procedure of Kraft ingredients and equipment

In order to begin the process of making stone picks, is the first thing to build a workbench. Then in the inventory, in each of the four cells that have blocks of boards. As a result, the finished workbench. In workbench take craft sticks — you will need two pieces. Therefore, in two of six cells in a bench — Central second Central, and third row located on the unit boards. The result is four sticks.

The final stage — craft a stone pickaxe

In open workbench have prepared boulder. According to the recipe they filled the entire first row. Further, in the cell of the second and the middle cell of the third row, put one stick. As a result, stone pickaxe ready.

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24 Dec 2015
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