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How to make a plate in Minecraft PE?


Kraft records
User be a little ticked if he finds out that in the normal mode of the plate cannot be crafted. The only way to get it without any effort is to use the command "/give @p record_11".

But to get the plate as a trophy no one to disturb the player will not. To do this, make the skeleton killed the creeper. I think it's hard? Not at all — in fact, enough to become between the skeleton and the creeper, and when to walk away from the attack of the skeleton. Thus, the latter fall into the creeper. Consequently, destroy it, having obtained the desired player record.

Other options
When you don't really want to engage in such close combat with mobs, you can go searching for records searching the chests. The probability that the player finding an item in one of the first chests to be small and is around eight percent. So that it is worth to stock up on provisions and, of course, a lot of patience.

27 Dec 2015
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