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How to make a combination lock in Minecraft PE?


This guide was created for lovers of mechanisms. Here I will introduce You to such a mechanism as a combination lock in Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Resources required:
  • Levers
  • Repeaters
  • Door
  • Redstone
  • Solid blocks

    The amount of resources needed depends on the number of levers will be Your castle. I'm going to build a castle of 5 levers.

    So, building the Foundation:

    Then install the levers for our future the right combination. I chose the following:

    In accordance with the position of the levers mounted on the other side of the red torch on the lever, looking down, and repeaters from the arms, looking up:

    Now input the signal to the door in the following way:

    Enter the correct combination and check:

    In your house, You can install in a similar way as many levers.

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