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How to make a bow in Minecraft PE?


A resolute player in Minecraft PE – dangerous enemy for any mobs. Picking up a sword, he becomes a threat at a distance of 1-2 blocks. However, such weapons for ranged, like bow, are able to increase the radius of impact of defeat boom of 15-20 blocks (that really help during a shootout with skeletons) and the maximum delnost arrow flight – all 50 units. Bow — a weapon, given his ability to spell.

For crafting you will need three sticks and three spider silk. The latter can be produced in heavy fighting with spiders or in a peaceful way, descending into an abandoned mine. Open the craft window of the workbench, fill the left column threads. Two sticks are installed at the top and bottom cells of the second column. The third stick is in the second cell of the third column.

Ready your weapons will not work without arrows. They can be made yourself or try to attack the skeleton, from which drops loot in the form of 1-2 arrows. However, the best solution for the extraction of arrows will create the farm skeletons. Such a structure can bring 1 stack of arrows in about 10 minutes.

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04 Dec 2015
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