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How to make a bed in Minecraft PE?


A traditional system for many games "epic – after the death of Wake up here" has acquired Minecraft in a new incarnation. As a rule, appearing in the world at the spawn point, the player begins to master the world of. After one or two biomes (and some half of the world will ascolese to find, for example, a good view of the mountain or a lonely plain in the desert) the player finds a place where he began to build the house. If you do not use "Peaceful" for the level, there is a risk of dying. To rise not in place of spawn, and in my built house, crafted bed and sleep on it to establish the point of respawn.

To craft a bed, you will need three blocks of wood any and as many blocks of wool. Moreover, the color of wool and wood will not affect the bed – it will remain red with the texture of the usual boards. The bottom row in the crafting window is populated boards, and medium – hair. Moreover, the player, getting "block beds" actually holds a rare unit, if you install those two. To create a point (to sleep) only after nightfall.


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12 Dec 2015
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