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How to make a bubble of experience in Minecraft PE?


By standard is produced due to the experience in mines and caves (ore), or defeating mobs. However, there is another good way to get valuable experience is to get a bubble of experience. Available he the only player in creative mode to do it myself will fail. Since the bubble experience is a reservoir of experience that can be purchased with emeralds from the villagers.

If you don't want to buy anything, use a special command — /give @p experience_bottle, after opening the console.

Application in practice

So, after the bubble of the experience of the user (look in your inventory highlighted field), it can be used in several ways. First just throw, the second release from the distributor. Then a bubble of experience in the collision is broken on one of the solid blocks. What is the result? From the broken potion falls about 2 — 3 areas of experience. They are equal from 3 to 11 experience points. Thus, the player gets the required amount of experience without using server commands.

25 Dec 2015
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