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How To Build a House - Correction of Errors and Decor (part 69) MCPE


In this tutorial series I will gradually build a house, doing the screenshots and describing their actions. I believe this will be very useful for beginners (possibly more!). We will build, of course, in Minecraft PE.

Where we left off in the previous part?

So, where were those mistakes in the construction of the mechanism? And there were two of them:
  • Pressure plate was located on two simple blocks, so the mechanism didn't even get the initial Redstone signal.
  • Redstone coming from the comparator was not installed correctly.

    In the screenshots below I correct these errors:

    Well, then we come to the decor. Install in the following place upside-down stairs:

    Remember the lighting on the second floor? Blocks of red stone visible on the ground. So use it and make the lights on the ceiling:

  • 03 Nov 2016
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