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How To Build a house (part 1) in Minecraft PE


In this tutorial series I will gradually build a house, doing the screenshots and describing their actions. I believe this will be very useful for beginners (possibly more!). We will build, of course, in Minecraft PE.

So, I decided to build from Sandstone. For this I found convenient for the construction of the territory in the section of seeds.

Let's start with the entrance. My first sketches:

Very beautiful looks the entrance from the stairs that are installed in a similar way. You can also install doors, if you wish to defend.
Now a few will expand our front wall and install a couple of torches:

As you can see, I left openings for Windows. Install them. Also build a trail of Sandstone and stone semi-blocks. For the scenery I'm under torch set two sprout of a tree that will not grow, as they interfere with the torch.

The next step a few more. Using the stairs, half-blocks of Sandstone and the fence, I made the arch in front of the entrance:

Later I realized that this arch is not enough for me and has completed her sequel forward:

21 Sep 2016
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