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Minecraft PE 1.2 Beta 8 Testing - ver. Download


Minecraft PE 1.2 Beta 8 Testing - ver. Download
September 2, 2017 release build 8 for Minecraft on Android. Traditionally fixes in Minecraft Pocket Edition starts with the smallest and end with the largest and most interesting.

Changelog MCPE 1.2 Beta 8

  • Fixed game sounds, now some have become quieter, others louder (for example, the rain now hush).
  • Added voice-over when using the Ender Portal.
  • You can now enable and disable the recipe book using the classic interface in Minecraft
  • Optimized the generation of chunks.
  • Redstone components can now be placed on blocks of obsidian.
  • Fixed several bugs on the XBox One.
  • Fixed departure for Minecraft PE at boot world, whose name has non-Latin characters.
  • Fixed a lot of the nuances associated with a book of recipes (scrolling, automatic scrolling, crash, etc.).
  • Fixed a strip of scrolling in the menu "How to play".
  • Minecraft PE 1.2 Beta 8 Testing - ver. Download
  • In the new version of clouds will be seen through the glass!
  • Spiders can attack players under the ceiling.
  • Pressing the X button will now clear the hot bar.
  • The headings of languages in the settings are visible again.
  • For creativity added information in the menu "How to play".
  • Fixed the map.
  • When using a saddle the player and the animal will no longer be harmed.
  • Correction from previous version: when searching in the recipe book will include all recipes, not just available.
  • Fixed command / xp and / fill.

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02 Sep 2017
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