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Minecraft PE 1.2 Beta 7 Testing - ver. Download

Minecraft PE 1.2 Beta 7 Testing - ver. Download
The release of the cool updates to Minecraft PE build 7 for Android. Of the tweaks there is only the changing sound of the explosion of a creeper, and you can also change the transparency of the leaves. In addition, fixed a few bugs in Minecraft 1.2.0

Changelog MCPE 1.2 Beta 7

  • Improved search recipe book in the creative
  • Improved crafting from mobile devices
  • In MCPE on Android when you try to place an object where it cannot be placed will be canceled choice
  • Fixed searching in the recipe book will now check all recipes and not only available in Minecraft PE!
  • Fixed the icons and navigation in the section "How to play"
  • Fixed departure Minecraft Pocket Edition when changing texture pack
  • Minecraft PE 1.2 Beta 7 Testing - ver. Download
  • The damage from the mobs now will be calculated in accordance with the complexity!
  • Fixed textures of the portal in Ender
  • Speed iron axes restored to the standard level
  • Version for Android the boat will move faster on the ice
  • The music pack will no longer cause crashes in the game
  • Added the appearance of squid in the oceans!
  • Now creeper starts to hiss before it explodes with less force in Buld 7

22 Aug 2017
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