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Minecraft PE 1.2 Beta 4 Testing - ver. Download


Minecraft PE 1.2 Beta 4 Testing - ver. Download
In Minecraft for Android added animation recipe books to see what subjects are created. Also increased the sensitivity of the controller to default to 60. Besides all this fixed a lot of bugs in MCPE beta 4

Changelog MCPE 1.2 Beta 4

  • Improved search in recipe book
  • Added the ability to make items from recipes book
  • Lowered resistance to explosions of blocks of emptiness
  • Snow Golem no longer raise their hands when spinning
  • Fixed tool tips for cards
  • Figure of experience is now updated correctly
  • Corrected display of fog
  • Blocks of magma drown the ice in Minecraft
  • Only the block on which you aim can be destroyed
  • Tweaked yeast horses and mules in time of the jump
  • The villagers will no longer paralyze with full inventory
  • In Beta 4 the developers made it so that when you create a double chest from the primary not losing items
  • In the new version fixed bin shulker: it has the right texture and position in the hand
  • Fixed a bug with the disappearance of sugar cane when water removal
  • Fixed many bugs related to the display of the icons in the inventory
  • Improved the loading speed player skins
  • Fixed rules of the game, including in pvp
  • Fixed a lot of bugs related to the game: Minecraft 1.2.0 crash when friends tried to join his game on Xbox Live, sometimes when loading the world climbs error also caused the game to crash in creative when rapidly clicking in inventory, and certainly in time to throw potions a sorcerer
  • Fixed the message when you connect to a populated server Minecraft 1.2
  • Fixed crash during creation of the box of shulker
  • Also fixed a few animation effects

Minecraft PE 1.2 Beta 4 Testing - ver. Download
Besides all the above, Minecraft Beta 4 fixed a lot of small tweaks related to inventory, recipe book
the text output and add new features such as instructions for the game and additional information.

13 Aug 2017
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