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Minecraft PE 1.2 Beta 2 Testing - ver. Download


Minecraft PE 1.2 Beta 2 Testing - ver. Download
In the new update fixed many bugs. Update Minecraft PE Beta Bild 2 was another step to the exit MCPE 1.2.0.

Changelog Of MCPE

  • In version Build 2 fixed navigation recipe book
  • Improved performance in time view recipe books
  • Improved performance when browsing a large number of icons
  • In Maps player faces no longer disappear
  • Fixed crash when creating fireworks from the recipe book
  • Minecraft 1.2.0 build of 2 no longer crashes when loading a single player game
  • Fixed bug when using "/ summon fall_block"
  • Improved the speed of generating chunks after teleporting and start the game
  • Fixed view portals from distance
  • The developers MCPE reduced the number of occurrences of hostile mobs
  • Fixed display of baskets in the chat
  • Now you can decorate the beacons with stained glass Windows
  • Fixed display of names of parrots in MCPE
  • And fix associated with parrots is newly connected players now see it not upside down
  • If you have tamed a parrot, not tame another player
  • Lightning strikes the correct biomes Minecraft PE beta 2
  • Minecraft PE 1.2 Beta 2 Testing - ver. Download
  • Now mobs will not be able to detect players through opaque solid blocks
  • Fixed the command / give
  • Removed recipe for making white wool
  • Colored wool can now be painted in white color
  • Fixed the command /clone
  • Fixed the command /clear
  • Fixed wings of an Ender Dragon in Vanilla texture pack
  • For Android 6.0 and 7.0 the game will run in the language selected by default on the device
  • And fixed many other bugs and improved game performance Minecraft PE

13 Aug 2017
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