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Download Minecraft PE 1.0.7 APK


Download Minecraft PE 1.0.7 APK
As expected, after our predictions about future updates for Minecraft PE 1.0.0, we see that Mojang is successfully expanding the platform in Minecraft 1.0.7 for custom modifications, addons, maps, and texture packs. Now after downloading MCPE 1.0.7 for Android, you will have more opportunities to publish their add-ons.

Release date Minecraft 1.0.7

The release took place just one week after 1.0.6, that is 20 April 2017. There is a small chance that on Monday or Tuesday 24-25 April will release version, which will fix some bugs associated with new platform of developers.
Download Minecraft PE 1.0.7 APK

Update Minecraft 1.0.7

Let's discuss what's new in this version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. This version has the code name "Fallout Mash-up Pack", which means the future union of other game developers. To slightly penetrate into the atmosphere of the game "Fallout", they propose to acquire a new texture pack that changes the Minecraft world to the world of Fallout.
Download Minecraft PE 1.0.7 APK

As you know, Mojang aka Microsoft signed an agreement with "Nintendo Switch" that you can play your favorite game on a brand new device.

The improvement of the loss of the game world after the sudden crash of the game. The developers have noticed that in 1.1.0, very often the game crash due to installed add-ons or resource packs. It was forced to write a new script that will give the app the ability to temporarily save your world in a new cache, then upload.
Download Minecraft PE 1.0.7 APK

Paid skins have been updated. If you used a paid skin packs, then you may notice that the color scheme blends perfectly with the surrounding world.

21 Apr 2017
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