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Download Minecraft PE 1.1, 1.0.4, 1.0.2, 1.0.3, 1.0, 1.0.0

2016-11-14, 21:55:03
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Today we will tell you about the new content that was added in the 1.0 release of Minecraft, known as the Ender Update. Download Minecraft 1.0 on your Android you will be able very soon, link will be at the bottom of the article.

When will be possible download minecraft 1.0 ?

Unexpected news November 11 – the official Twitter Minecraft was published the following entry: Ender World close! Pocket and Windows 10 edition is updated to Minecraft PE 1.0. Android players can get the beta version!

Innovations Minecraft 1.0

Will be added Ender-World – the third and final dimension in MCPE 1.0.0
To get there, the participant has to find, fix and activate the portal, which is located in the Fortress.

Using input activated, the player instantly gets into this area.
The region consists of a main island and several smaller Islands, the distance between which approximately 1000 squares.

Islands in turn composed of End stone.
Is no concept of time of day and day cycle, as well as in Hell, all attempts to use the bed will not be successful.
A lot of things in the Ender World are supported in the same way as in the simple measurement, with a few exceptions:
• Beds will explode like in the nether World, if the user wants to use them.
• Lava spreads faster like Hell.
• Water flowing at the same rate as in an ordinary world.
• Compasses do not define a spawnpoint.
• Hours do not work in this dimension because of lack of a day cycle.
• Maps made in the Ender World show the same red and grey elements, as in the Lower
• However, the direction indicator is operating correctly.
• Entrances to Hell are not activated here.
Fire burns endlessly on the bedrock, but does not apply.

The Central island
Users after teleporting at the End World will appear on the Central island, teeming with Andermani. The coordinates X=100, Y=49, Z=0, toward the West, on top of an obsidian platform with a size of 5×5×1 cubes, which in turn is shown both inside and outside.
Then there are two choices – to kill a three-headed Monster or to die.
Once you defeated the final boss, you will have spheres of experience about 70 levels and you will see a place to teleport back. After entering it, the party will show the credits and give you the achievement.

Other Islands

As soon as the End Boss dies, you can start to explore the other Islands outside the main, simply moving them on a special portal. Mostly they contain dungeons, plants and new mobs.


The Ender Dragon is the final boss of the game Minecraft 1.0.0, is a huge black monster with purple eyes. In the cage a few types of attacks, and he is able to destroy the blocks.
To kill him you need to destroy all the crystals edge, because he uses them to restore his health.
After death, the player gets a lot of experience, and the ability to gather Breath.
Resurrected, if you place crystals like the picture below:

Blocks and Items
The dragon egg appears in front of the eyes on top of a portal after the destruction of his master. When you click on it teleports to a random distance. Mined with a pickaxe.

Dragon's Breath
New component for creating potions of settling. To get it you need to use an empty glass bulb in the center of the cloud of acid that created by this Monster.

A rare thing, allows you to float in the air (slow down). You can find them in cities to airships.

Purple block
Is the decor, which is generated in the cities End World.

Ender bricks created from Ender-stone.
Ender crystal – small block which is generated on the obsidian pillars. Restore the health of the boss end, and is required for his resurrection.

Other changes

  • Height is now 256 cubes
  • In the video settings you can change the appearance of the interface is similar to Windows 10
  • Maps now work in the end.

    Summarizing, we can say that the developers suddenly managed to surprise all the fans of MCPE, releasing the update with a new dimension. Many were waiting for this moment and now have the opportunity to enjoy the full gameplay of this game. It remains to wait for the official API to support all kinds of modifications and it will be impossible to distinguish from the computer counterpart.
    What would you like to see in the new version?
    Total of answers: 1000

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