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PocketInvEditor Pro Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16.40, 1.16.20


The program PocketInvEditor Pro you can edit any previously created world in Minecraft PE due to the wide range of settings and editing world. Through the program PocketInvEditor Pro you can rename the name of a previously created world, change game mode, and change the world type to another (normal/flat/old).

So, with PocketInvEditor Pro, you will be able to resume the life of the player and even set infinite life that will give You immortality in Minecraft PE even in survival mode.

In the program you can find the current location of the player on the X, Y, Z and move it over to the spawn point or create a new spawn point, but the old one is removed. This way you can in single player to make a spawn point that will point you at the house and when you die, then you will be already at home.

Opportunities PocketInvEditor Pro:

  • Change the name of the world
  • Edit the inventory.
  • Changing the world:
  • Change the time of day.
  • Set the time in the game.
  • Installation of spawn to your current location.
  • Setting infinite lives and more ...
  • The possibility of spawn.
  • Change color of sheep
  • The removal of mobs.
  • Instant raising animals.
  • The edit area.
  • Change the world (Flat/Normal/Old)
  • You can view and copy the sid.

    PocketInvEditor Pro contains:

  • This app uses the library SimpleNBT developed by the SpoutDev team.
  • This program contains a modified version item-data.xml Itemid TexasGamer from the plugin.
  • This program includes the version of the mod for infinite health from UniversalOfGaming
  • Icons used in this program created by Mojang.
  • This program uses the library aFileChooser by Paul Bruke. For licensing
  • information check the topic on Minecraft Forum.

  • 22 Feb 2016
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