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Download Minecraft PE Full Version Apk, Windows 10, iOS


Download Minecraft Full Version Apk, Windows 10, iOS
On October 4, 2017, we were stunned by the new update: Minecraft! Players have already managed to find a lot of bugs in Minecraft 1.2, so the developers had no choice but to fix them in the new version.

Innovations Minecraft 1.2.2

  • In version added new worlds: Silvermist by Pathway Studios; Retreat master by Imagiverse; the Forbidden forest by Blockception and Abstraction: GRID by Jigarbov.
  • Added two maps: wildlife: Savannah by PixelHeads and the Festival of the autumn mini-game by the Noxcrew.
  • And of course a few skin packs: 12 wonders of the skin pack by Toyaplays; Combines adventures by Pathway Studios; Heroes by Mineplex Mineplex and the Autumn festival by the Noxcrew.

Features of Minecraft 1.2.2

Download Minecraft Full Version Apk, Windows 10, iOS
The list is quite long, but we tried to select the most important fixes.:
  • Fixed a crash when loading worlds.
  • Fixed a crash when loading the server, during the setup of the loading screen and other similar failures.
  • Now the XBox One has improved performance.
  • Redstone components are now working correctly!
  • In the game world, you can now get all the fireworks from recipe books.
  • Fixed a bug where when using resource packs, a crash occurs after restarting the game in the main menu.
  • Spells now work correctly with wands.
  • Fixed a bug with invisible stairs that were placed on other stairs or slabs.
  • In the new version of Minecraft PE, the cookbook now turns over correctly and changes position.
  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip controller that could be displayed on multiple menu screens.

In the new version, the loading speeds of worlds and many other bugs were fixed, including pop-up messages that appeared in the menu and could not be read.

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05 Oct 2017
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