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Minecraft PE Beta 1 Apk, Windows 10, Xbox One Download


Minecraft PE 1.2.3 Beta 1 Apk, Windows 10, Xbox One Download
The developers did not make us to wait long and release Minecraft for Android. As it turned out, to other devices (running on Windows 10 and XBox) this version will be released later. So that the holders of phones and tablets on Android, can be the first to try PE Minecraft

Changelog Minecraft PE

  • Fixed duplicate box chalker
  • The resistance is now always properly protect the player in Minecraft
  • Dying, the sheep will no longer make two sounds
  • Fixed the color of the leaves which bear the snow
  • Now players can't be attacked by mobs, if you have not appeared in the world
  • Fixed a transparency issue on certain skins
  • Minecraft PE 1.2.3 Beta 1 Apk, Windows 10, Xbox One Download
  • Fixed all bugs associated with the flight of the player in MCPE
  • Small change: the server will not be displayed on the "Friends"tab
  • Heavy blocks more not broken when falling on the leaves in version Build 1!
  • Wooden household objects (doors, fishing rods, ladders, buttons) can be used for the melting pot
  • Elytra Wings will now be called simply Elytra
  • Players will now have resistance to lightning damage.

Also fixed a number of problems associated with the interface, all items will crafted correctly and that no unnecessary lighting or incorrect advice. Obviously, the list of edits will still be added, so stay tuned!

05 Oct 2017
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