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Download Minecraft PE 1.7.1, APK Free Full Version


Download Minecraft PE 1.7.1, APK 4K Update Full Version
The developers of the well-known game released the first version of Minecraft Pocket Edition This Assembly makes the game a few innovations, and all the features of this version we will discuss below. Fans of the game can download Minecraft PE On Android now, and you can do it for free!

On our site you can always download the Assembly Minecraft Bedrock Edition without checking the license. This means you can use Xbox Live for free.

What's new in Minecraft

The first thing I would like to note - introduced into the game system account game events. This new product will please most server owners and map creators, who will be able to create any statistics for players.

Now we will try to create the first test counter:
  • /scoreboard objectives add Test dummy "Hello"

  • /scoreboard players add Player Test 0

  • /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar Test

  • Ready! Here is an image of the newly created counter with the inscription Hello:
    Download Minecraft PE 1.7.1, APK 4K Update Full Version

  • This is only the simplest form of the created table in Minecraft PE More information can be found in the Minecraft Wiki, there is a lot of information on this topic.

  • In the next release of Minecraft PE developers have added a new command to The game: / gamerule commandblocks enabled true / false. With this command, you can activate or disable the command blocks on the map. Also in this update will be able to eat food in the creative and peaceful game modes.

  • Download Minecraft PE 1.7.1, APK 4K Update Full Version

  • For more comfortable communication in the chat players have the opportunity to attract the attention of the interlocutor. Now, when you write the name of another player, it will be highlighted. If you enter the @ symbol in the Minecraft PE chat, the auto-complete list appears in the Chat.

  • Minecraft PE Mod Apk

    Mod Version is a modified official version of the game. You can get a variety of additional bonuses and features, such as free use of textures and skins from the marketplace, also in survival mode you will get God mode, maximum level, killing with one hit, etc.

    List of Minecraft Mods

    • Unlocked premium skins
    • Unlocked premium texture
    • No damage mod
    • Unlimited breath mod
    • Max Inventory Size mod
    • One hit kill weapons
    • Infinite furnace fire
    • Max level score

    Xbox Live Sign in

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