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Plugin EconomyJob v2.0.3 working on the MCPE servers


Plugin EconomyJob thanks to which you can allow players on your server to earn money and spend them in the shop or buy items from other players. In the plugin there are some types of work, namely three: miner, gardener and woodcutter. If the player chooses one of their proposed works, then for each destroyed unit, he will receive a certain amount of game currency.

How does the plugin work?
To work this plugin you must first install EconomyAPI then have to install the plugin EconomyJob. After installation type in the chat command /job list and you will be shown a full list of available works. When you select one available for you work type /job join "nazvaniyami", then, you can start to work.

Job is to destroy certain blocks, for which the system will award money to the player. If the player chose the lumberjack, then you need to break blocks of wood, if you chose the gardener, it is necessary to break leaf blocks and if you choose mining, you need to break any blocks of rock (earth, stone, sand, gravel, etc.).

Some of the available jobs are paid higher than others, the most lucrative job is a lumberjack, according to the standard for each block in the tree you will receive 10 units of game currency, the lowest paid job this gardener, for each block of foliage the player will receive only 3 units of currency. The amount of payment for the work can be set individually to do this, edit the file jobs.yml.

Commands plugin

  • /job join (tree-cutter, miner, tree-planter) - choose one of the works
  • /job retire - finish work
  • /job list - a list of available vacancies
  • /job me - what do you do now

    The designation works

  • tree-cutter - ($10 per unit)
  • miner - ($5 per unit)
  • tree-planter - (3$ per unit)

    1. Install the plugin EconomyAPI without it, it will not work.
    2. Install the plugin EconomyJob.
    3. Edit the file jobs.yml and set the payout for each destroyed unit

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