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The teleportation plugin EssentialsTP V1.0.9 for Minecraft PE


If you are looking for a teleport plugin for Minecraft servers PE you are supposed to download and install EssentialsTP through which all server players are seeing new opportunities and are able to teleport to specified coordinates, or to each other, arranging requests for teleportation. This plugin has pretty extensive functionality, through which players can establish their points of teleportation from any place and immediately move to him.

Team plugin

  • /tpa "name" - request to teleport to player
  • /tpahere "the player's nickname" - request to teleport to you
  • /tpaccept - accept a teleportation request
  • /tpdecline - to refuse a request for teleportation
  • /sethome - set the point of teleportation to home
  • /delhome - delete a warp zone to home
  • /home - teleport to home point
  • /spawn - teleport to spawn
  • /setspawn - set the spawn point
  • /setwarp name "warp" to add a warp point
  • /delwarp "the name of the warp" - delete a warp point
  • /warp - list of created warps
  • /wild teleport to random location
  • /back - teleports you to the place of death

    As you can see thanks to the EssentialsTP plugin you can create, as the point of teleport and move to another player for a few seconds. But if on your server installed the TapToDo plugin you can do the stationary points of the teleport on respawn, allowing any player of the server can be transferred to the specified location and back.

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