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EconomyPShop plugin v2.0.0 - a custom shop in MCPE


If you want to give players on your server Minecraft PE the opportunity to sell your stuff to other players, then you will need a plugin EconomyPShop allowing you to trade via tablets. This plugin is similar to EconomySell only plugin, you can create your thrift shop and all the money were written off from the account of the players in favor of the server, and the plugin EconomyPShop each player can create their own shop and sell things, materials and weapons to other players and earn money.

After the player downloads things in "the cloud" and set the selling nameplates, each player who tapnet on them and confirm their action will receive the material, and the seller, will be deducted from the player's account.

How does the plugin work?
The plug-in library called ItemCloud which will store all the items that players put up for sale, you can find it in the archive with the plugin. After you install the plugin library and the thrift store, you need to register with the cloud system, to do this, type the command /itemcloud register next, you will need to download the necessary things in "the cloud" to do this, write /itemcloud upload "item ID" "amount". For example, let's try to load a stack of cobblestone, to do this, write /upload itemcloud 4 64.

After all the necessary items uploaded to the cloud, you can begin to create a shop, this would require signs. Install them anywhere and type the following text:

  • 1 line - pshop
  • 2 line - the purchase price
  • 3 line - ID of the items sold
  • 4 line - the amount of items that the player will receive

    The sign shop created, now every player who hit the plate 2 times buy a stack of cobblestone, his account will be debited 100 units of game currency and to the account of the seller the money.

    Commands plugin:

  • /itemcloud register - registration in the sales
  • /itemcloud upload "item ID[:sub item ID]" "the number" - the team download content in the cloud for sale
  • /itemcloud download "item ID[:sub item ID]" "the number" is a command of unloading of materials from the cloud your inventory
  • /itemcloud list - view all your uploaded items to the cloud
  • /itemcloud count "item ID" - find a downloaded material in the cloud

    1. Install the plugin EconomyAPI without it, it will not work.
    2. Install the plugin ItemCloud
    3. Install the plugin store EconomyPShop

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    Hallo, wie kann ich dieses Plugin und das andere zu meinen Server hinzufügen. Was muss ich einfügen? happy
    Hallo. Wie kann ich mit diesem und mit dem anderen Plugin, auf mein Server hinzufügen. Was muss ich eingeben?
    Please make it to set buying items
    Como instalar?