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RegionGuard plugin v1.1 - Private in Minecraft PE


Thanks to the RegionGuard plugin for Minecraft servers PE you will be able hard to do territory to protect their homes from destruction or theft of things. In addition, you can create special areas and to set flags that allow PvP combat only in certain locations or prohibit the use of doors, levers, etc.

That would create private areas to select the location of the first point, it should be 1 block below the level of construction and type /rg pos1, then you need to set the second point, it should be over your building and enter the command /rg create "region name" , then you will see that the region suprefact.

Commands plugin

  • /rg help - full list of commands
  • /rg pos1 is to create the first point Privat
  • /rg pos 2 - create a second point Privat
  • /rg create "name of region" - to create zapryazhennye region
  • /rg flag to set flags for the region
  • /rg ingo - information about the region
  • /rg addowner/removeowner - manage users
  • /rg delete - delete the region
  • /rg wand the axe to mark points

    For any existing region you can set a flag to allow or prohibit some action on this site. For example you can prohibit throw away items from your inventory to disable pvp or Vice versa to turn it on and much more. To do this, use the command /rg flag "region name" , example /rg flag pvp allow test - this command will allow battles in the selected region, that would prohibit the action in the region type is "allow" value "deny".

    Flags plugin

  • pvp - battle
  • build - construction
  • entry - the entrance
  • god-mode - invulnerability
  • use - usage of doors, levers, buttons and so on
  • cmd-use - use commands
  • send-chat - chat
  • explode - explosions
  • burn - fire
  • regain - health regeneration
  • teleport - teleportation
  • mob-damage - damage from mobs
  • sleep - sleep
  • tnt-explode - you want to rush TNT
  • drop-item - to throw items from inventory

    Each of the flags has 2 values "allow" - enables the use and "deny" prevents the use of anything on zapryazhennoy site.

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