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Zombie Pigman in Minecraft PE


This guide was created for players who want to know everything about the mobs. Here I will tell You about the Zombie Pigman in Minecraft PE.

Zombie Pigman refers to neutral mobs(No harm will come if the player or another mob will not trigger).

Zombie Pigman is a neutral mob that lives in the Lower world. If you go to Zombie Pigman, he's in for a few seconds will look at You, and then go their own way.

What spawn with these mobs? Zombie Pigman's will spawn in the nether world groups of 4-10 mobs, either in the regular world, lightning in the pig. Zombie Pigman's will spawn with gold swords, which can have a random enchantment. Chance to spawn Zombie Pigman with enchanted gold swords increases at higher levels of complexity. Zombie Pigman will spawn in the Overworld near nether portals. They spawn depends on the amount of obsidian used in the construction of the portal. The larger the portal, the more will spawn Zombie Pigman.

And what about the lightning that I mentioned above? Pig can turn into a Zombie Pigman in that case, if it was struck by lightning. When lightning strikes at the baby pigs, still spawned adult Zombie Pigman.

And, of course, about the murders of these mobs and that You will provide for them. At the death of Zombie Pigman drop 0-1 rotten flesh and 0-1 gold nuggets. The enchantment Looting increases the amount of drop. The probability of gold bullion or the gold sword is equal to, respectively, 2.5% and 8.5% if the Zombie Pigman was killed by a player. This probability increases by 1% per level char when "Looting". At max level char, the drop rate of gold bullion increased to 5.5%, while Golden sword to 11.5%. Adult Zombie Pigman get 5 experience points, and a child 12. All the items that are picked up by Zombie Pigman drop out after his death.

As for the murders, and behavior, the Zombie Pigman will become hostile only when it is attacked, either you or any other creature (e.g. if it will get fireball gasta). Attack one Zombie Pigman will cause all Zombie Pigman within a radius of 32 blocks will be hostile. If the player would go on for some distance from the group, a little wait or leave and come back again in the Lower world, the Zombie Pigman will again become neutral.

Have Zombie Pigman were immune to lava and fire, that is, they burn, but don't take damage. Zombie Pigman also can drown in the water.

And finally, a few facts:
  • In pocket edition, zombie-pigs can break down doors.
  • If you kill a Zombie Pigman in one hit (for example, a diamond sword with the enchantment of "divine punishment"), he will not have time to call his brothers and all the other Zombie Pigman will remain neutral.
  • Zombie Pigman can be transferred to the normal world through the portal.
  • The iron Golem attacks a Pigman Zombie, regardless of its behavior.
  • Zombie Pigman you can't cheat potion of invisibility, when provoked, he will still go to the player on the attack.
  • Zombie Pigman can pick up armor and swords.
  • The green liquid in the Zombie Pigman skin was originally blood red, but was changed because users who traditional no blood in Minecraft rather liked and violate the prevailing style is not wanted.

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