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Where to find Diamonds in Minecraft PE?


Need to find a durable material for the manufacture of working tools, lighting, armor and many other items in MCPE? Well, what to do in the game, nothing is stronger than stone of diamond, which is found in its pure form is rarely. Because it is only found chests (so-called treasuries) in the temples of the village or the desert. Much easier to get the basis for the manufacture of diamond - diamond ore. It is situated at a considerable depth, according to statements is the period from 1 to 16 level, so it is important to stock up on provisions and tools, decided to go on the long-term excavations.

What the user needs to take?
So, you want to include in the list:

    — Food — take lots of apples, because there is no guarantee that diamond ore is found quickly.
    — Instrument — take your pick, it is better if the tool is made of iron and enchanted with a spell for good luck. And also, the shovel of her you will make (dig) a path to the sources of the lava.
    — Lighting — the optimal number of torches from 20 to 40 pieces.

Diamond mining
So, you finally noticed deposits of diamond ore. Dig around their mine, not to lose the chance of some block of diamond, the user breaks the ore with an iron pickaxe. Thus, there is a small amount of diamonds.

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18 Nov 2016
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