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How to get milk in Minecraft PE?


Finally all the tasks are fulfilled, that day came to the end in Minecraft PE. The user felt tired and hungry. To eliminate it can be with prepared food, which are prepared by the player or obtained by domestication of animals. For example, to get milk, the player must tame the cow. She can be found in a meadow or on a small hill. Now, it's simple — no unnecessary sudden movements go to the cow and show her food (used wheat). Next, lure the cow to the fence and close.

Do you think it? And here and there. Now gamers need capacity (steel bucket) to be milk when milking cows.

Materials for the iron buckets?
Go down by 15 blocks down and looking for iron ore for iron ingot. Having obtained the desired quantity, and it is 3 units, in the workbench do a bucket.

How to milk cows — manual
Take a bucket and tight fit to the animal. Then press the right button on the mouse and collect the milk. After using milk bucket again becomes empty and the player is once again able to gain milk.

Useful properties of milk produced

  • An important ingredient for a sweet cake — use 3 buckets of milk.
  • Well helps in cases of poisoning which have followed the ingestion of rot.
  • Restores power to the mine and helps to cure the bites of poisonous spider.

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