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Wolf in Minecraft PE


This guide was created for players who want to know everything about the mobs. Here I will tell You about wolves in Minecraft PE.

Wolf refers to tameable mobs (Mobs which can be tamed).

Wolf - tameable mob that spawn in forest biomes, taiga, mega taiga, cold taiga, and cold taiga. In the PC version of Minecraft to spawn only adult wolves, but in pocket edition possible spawn wolf.

Wolves can be in three States: they can be wild, hostile, or tamed.

Wild wolves are drooping tail, ordinary color of the eyes and will spawn groups of 4 individuals. Neutral to the player, but become hostile if the player attacks them.

Hostile wolves differ in their appearance and growl in the direction of the player. The tail rises, eyes turn red, hair are darker. Hostile wolves will become wild when the player spawn again after death. Attack all creatures in visual range.

Tamed wolves have more "good" eye color, collar in orange. Clicking on the wolf makes it sit and then the wolf ceases to follow his master. Tails raised up. Attack everything that will offend the owner.


The wolf tamed by using bones. Requires up to 12 bones to feed the wolf to tame it. When tamed, the wolf will get a collar and sit down. Tamed wolves have more health than any other, and his health is defined and numerically equal to the percent of angle between the legs and tail (that is, when the loss of health lifts the tail down). Tamed wolf follows the player, can teleport, following him, but not gonna do that if its plant, or if a player teleports to another world, or something like that.


Two wolves can get third with any meat. Puppies can't swim. If you feed foreign wolves that spawned a strange wolf.

And some facts:
  • In pocket edition, wolves will attack the creeper if the player hits him.
  • First the mob, of which it became possible to tame.

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