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What can make leather in Minecraft PE?


Often the pursuit of a large number of cows or horses on farms leads to the fact that the player has no control over his flock. Therefore, it is necessary to work the weapon, progresiva population. After such punitive action is on the hands of another stack of the skin. Do not rush to throw it away, because in Minecraft there are a few things that cannot be crafted without skin.

Using 24 pieces of leather, you can create a set of armor. This, unfortunately, is not very reliable thing (this armor will protect the player by 7 units – for comparison, diamond armor adds 20 units), however, on peaceful servers, such a "uniform" may indicate a accessory to farming that is often used by players when creating clans.

Adding to one unit of the skin three sheets of paper, the player will receive the book. To create a library capable of caravate to the maximum level, you will need 45 books that says fans enchanting about the need of the farm.

Also, fans of decor will not be crafted without the use of frame skin. With eight sticks it will create an object where you can set, for example, the sword used to kill Wither, or the very first pick.

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