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Spider in Minecraft PE


This guide was created for players who want to know everything about the mobs. Here I will tell You about spiders in Minecraft PE.

The spider belongs to neutral mobs(No harm will come if the player or another mob will not trigger).

The spider is a neutral mob that is large enough for mobs of this type, that is, differs from spiders in real life. Nevertheless, spider has a size of 2х2х1 that allows him to get through the aisles with a height of 1 and width 2 units.

I think many reading this guide I was surprised that I identified spiders neutral, and now I'll explain. Spiders are aggressive to iron and poor players, if the light level around them is 9 or less; otherwise, spiders are neutral unless attacked themselves. If you take the spider from the dark zone to the light, he will continue the pursuit of the player. If a spider takes damage from anything besides the player, for example, from a fall from a height, he will cease to be hostile. Spiders do not burn with the onset of the day, but become neutral.

Something interesting: spiders can crawl on walls and other obstacles. If the spider cannot find a path to the player on the ground, he comes close to the obstacle that separates him from the player, and begin to crawl through it vertically, until, until you reach the top, then jumping to the ground. In the case of very high wall spider can crawl so far that they will lose interest in the player. If the player shoots at the spider from a bow, while being out of its sight, the spider will begin to crawl toward where the arrow came from. If the player will move, the spider will continue to run in the same direction. If he spots the player, it will unfold in his direction and attack.

Spiders eyes glow:

And some facts:
  • Spiders are immune to potion poisoning.
  • With a 1% chance the spider might appear from a skeleton rider on his back.
  • From spider under any condition drops out only one eye. Even if you enchant the sword to the maximum level, falls a lot in this thread and only one eye.
  • There is a small chance the spider can spawn with a positive effect.

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