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In Minecraft PE you can make from coal?


Whichever way the player felt lighter, the demand for coal does not decrease. The simplest and probably the basic items that are made from coal is:
— Torch for crafting takes a piece of coal, which is placed by the player in the center of the workbench and the line, which is located immediately under the charcoal in the middle cell of the third row. The result is four torch. They light the path of the player in mines and caves.
— Fireball is quite a useful thing. Be sure to craft your own piece of coal, gunpowder, and fire powder. All the ingredients have in turn in a column. Open the workbench and starting from the middle cell of the first row we put the powder, then in the second row of the Central fire powder and in the end, in the middle cell of the last row — a piece of coal. After crafting turns into four ball of fire.
— Coal block applied by the player if the coal need to be folded as compact as possible. He does so — does the workbench and filled with coal all nine cells. As a result, reliable coal block.

Besides the smelting of many ores becomes impossible if the target is a piece of coal.

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