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How to Minecraft PE to tame a cat?


Far to many gamers it's no secret that virtual reality Minecraft players have the ability to tame wild animals. Under them mean non-aggressive mobs such as the ocelot — representative of the cat in the sandbox Minecraft. The process of domestication of cats is difficult, that is why it is important to understand all the details of the procedure and the nature of this Moba.
He loves the ocelot?
The main delicacy of ocelot chickens. Therefore, going in search of this mob, carefully inspect the area. Noticed the scattered feathers that walks near a cat. Another favorite food of cats is fish. However, owing to the abilities, ocelots can't hunt on her own.

How to tame?
For the domestication of the cat stocking fish. Take about 10 — 13 Grand. Why so, asks the player? The whole secret lies in the skittishness of a cat, so the first time to approach her fail. Putting the mob in front of the fish, wait until the animal comes closer
to food. Only eat a few fish the user can see the red collar of a cat. This means that the ocelot tamed.

Function cat in the game
In addition to the affectionate and playful pet, he can be for the player. Cat, perfectly protects the user from the creeper. Oddly enough creeper are afraid of these quick and clever members of the cat.

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